The Digital Publishing Center

How It Works

Load your products onto
The Digital Publishing Center
Your customers order YOUR products
to download or for home delivery

Setting Up Products

Physical products or/and Digital products:
send us your content through the post or online
Your customers purchase your products by
Download and/or Physical delivery
On your existing website or
personalised webstore we create for you

Selling Your Products

From our website, you have a choice of how you make your products available to buy Customers check-out and pay through our payment facility.
Funds go directly to your PayPal account
Use our free ready made web store, tailored to your products
Use our simple download pages, which can be inserted into your own website and social media, or link from leaflets, promotions etc.
Grab a piece of HTML code which adds each product and a checkout button to your existing website

How Payments Work

Your customers order your products You pay a monthly fee based on your plan
All the money arrives immediately at your PayPal account