Do you have templates I can use for the artwork?
See here for templates
Where are you based?
We are based in London, England. We use a worldwide network to host your digital products. Physical products are sent out internationally from London.
What is the pricing?
See the pricing pages which details all our pricing.
Can I speak to you?
We offer a global email service. We guarantee to respond to your email within 12 working hours. Email support@thedigitalpublishingcenter.com .
Where are most of your clients?
Most of out clients are in the U.S the U.K and other European countries but we also have clients in many other parts of the world.
What currencies can we transact in?
US Dollars, UK Pounds & Euros
For print on demand do you really deliver Globally?
Yes we deliver CD/DVD and Blu Ray all over the world on behalf of our clients.
What format do you need artwork provided in for print on demand products?
Hi res PDF or JPG
Do I have To Sign Up For Digital Delivery & Print On Demand or are they separate services?
They are separate services, though many clients choose both.
Many of our clients offer both products to maximise their revenue!
If you give your clients the option of Digital & Physical Product delivery, you will find that many will choose both. If your product is a tutorial DVD, for example, the client will often choose to download the product straight away AND then choose to have the physical copy delivered in a case with artwork. Don’t lose out on maximising your revenue in this way if you are not doing it already!
Will physical products be subject to customs duty?
Customs charges only apply to items sent internationally that are above a certain value. Discs would normally fall well below this value so they are not subject to customs duty. However, you should check this with your intended country of delivery as rules might change.
How long will you keep my master disc?
We guarantee to store your master disc for at least two years from its last use. Normally we store masters for much longer.
How do I send my master content to you for on demand printing?
A physical master has to exist for the on demand process to work. If you send this in the post, there is no charge relating to mastering.
If you want us to create the master for you from files you send electronically then please select this option when you set up your product - prices are as follows:
  • You sending a master in the post - NO CHARGE (The files on your duplicates will be identical to the files on your master – so make sure you send the master in the format that you want to receive the duplicates)
  • Us creating a master from an .ISO, .IMG, .NRG, DDP or .Bin/.Cue - £10 plus vat per master
    (This option is only available for the above listed image formats)
  • Us authoring your master from individual audio / video or other files - £25 plus vat per master
    (For any other non-propriety file formats or codecs) If you have any special requirements such as CD text, gaps, formats etc. Please inform us in the "notes regarding your order" a free text field on checkout.)
How do I send my master content to you for digital download?
Ideally you will supply a digital file exactly as you want it delivered to your clients.
If you do this the file is used and no extra charge is required.

If some processing is required by ourselves first i.e. if you send us a master disc in the post or an ISO there is a charge of £25 ex vat to make your content ready for download.

The above charge is for basic "ripping" of your content.
Will the package pricing change and if so what notice do I get?
We have no intention of changing our package rates any time soon! But, unfortunately we cannot predict the future 100% accurately.
We do however guarantee to provide 3 months notice of any price changes which may be required due to changes in the market.
What happens if I want to cancel my package?
You can cancel your package at any time by giving 3 month's notice.