Chester Songwriters is an informal group of Chester-based musicians who come together to share their songs and provide support and encouragement to each other. Occasionally, there are collective activities such as live performances at Chester's iconic bandstand by the River Dee. The most recent joint activity is compiling a CD of their songs, bringing together the work of 14 different writers in an eclectic mix where there is something for everyone.

The 14 individual tracks can be purchased here as digital downloads for just £0.50 each. 
Or you can buy all 14 tracks for download for just £5.00.
Click on Chester 
Songwriters in the categories box on the left to see and order the tracks. (The All 14 tracks option is last on the list).

Alternatively, you can purchase the physical CD in digipak, with artwork by Lydia O'Hara, for £5.00 (plus 0.79p postage UK), by contacting Dave Atkinson, e-mail:  (also the contact if you have any problems with your download)

Choosing Paypal at checkout also gives debit and credit card payment options.

All the income from sales of the physical CD and from digital downloads is being donated to Music Action International, a charity where people from across the world use the power of creativity to overcome the effects and causes of war, torture and armed conflict. 

 You can add the downloaded files to your iTunes library by doing one of the following:  

  • click file in iTunes, then choose add file to library, find the file on your computer and choose open.
  • or, find the file on your computer and drag it onto the iTunes window.
If you have downloaded the zip file with all the tracks, with MS Windows, here is what you do: 
1. Open and name a new 'destination' file for your tracks. 
2. Right click on the downloaded zip file and choose extract all. 
3. Browse to your new destination file and select that. 
4. Now you can add the whole folder to your iTunes library, or select individual tracks.

You can find out about people on the CD (and even hear their songs) by following the links below:

Chris Howarth:

Will Riding:

GP Hall: 

John Every:

Sue Bargh:

Dave Atkinson:

Phillipa York:

Dave Watson: 

Lydia O'Hara:    

Nicky Alexandra Baker: 

Phillip Allan:

The Chester Songwriters website is at: